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The UBS Atrium Series | 2023–24
th Anniversary Season

Free lunchtime concerts at Lincoln Harbor Park on the Weehawken, NJ waterfront

Wednesday | October 4, 2023 | 12:30pm  
Alejandro Brittes Quartet

Alejandro Brittes is a champion of Chamamé music. The roots of this unique folkloric music can be found centuries ago in the Northeastern region of Argentina. It was there that the region’s inhabitants and their music were influenced by European immigrants from Germany, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and elsewhere. These settlers brought with them an instrument which would prove to be the hallmark of Chamamé—the accordion. This instrument proved to be indispensable in shaping and progressing the style.


The Alejandro Brittes Quartet innovatively explores this traditional, cross-border musical genre. The Quartet is based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil and includes Alejandro Brittes (accordion) from Argentina, as well as Charlise Bandeira (flute), André Ely (seven-stringed guitar), and Carlos de Césaro (contrabass), all three from Brazil. 

Brittes’ musical career spans over thirty years. He has published over 100 original compositions, made nine albums, and has performed widely in the Americas and Europe.


Alejandro Brittes – accordion 

Charlise Bandeira – flute 

André Ely – seven-stringed guitar 

Carlos de Césaro – contrabass

Photo Alejandro Brittes Quartet_sm_w.jpg


Dorado Schmitt – guitar, violin

Samson Schmitt – guitar 

Amati Schmitt – guitar

Francko Mehrstein – rhythm guitar

Gino Roman – bass

Wednesday | November 15, 2023 | 12:30pm
Dorado Schmitt and Sons, Samson and Amati—
Django Festival All-Stars

The New York Times says about Dorado Schmitt that he was “…clearly born to the style.” 

No one has done more to ignite interest in Gypsy and Hot Jazz more than the dazzling French guitarist and violinist Dorado Schmitt. Born to Roma parents in France, near the German border in Lorraine, Schmitt was weaned on traditional Romani music and Gypsy jazz and, as a young man, became a leading figure on the international jazz manouche scene.

Among his compositions are Bossa Dorado and Natacha — both of which have become standards of the Jazz Manouche repertoire. Schmitt won his first Django Award at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Luttre-Liberchies, France, and many awards followed.  He continues to represent the art form at its highest level.


For this very special concert, he will be joined by his sons, Samson and Amati Schmitt, creating a veritable guitar dynasty on stage.  They will be accompanied by the brilliant rhythm guitarist Francko Mehrstein and noted Italian bassist, Gino Roman.

The group’s music transports listeners to Paris in the 1920s and ’30s, when hot jazz filled the air and Django was king. They bring his music into the 21st century, honoring traditions and standards while adding their own interpretations, arrangements, and original compositions.

"Imagine a stage filled with five contemporary Django Reinhardt descendants.”
—Wall Street Journal

Dorado - crop.jpg
Amati - crop.jpg

More concerts to be announced soon

Presented by the Hudson Riverfront Performing Arts Center, Inc., with generous support from the Township of Weehawken, the County of Hudson, and:

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