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Quartined Quartet
Wednesday | November 16 | 12:30pm       
Quarantined Quartet

The Quarantined Quartet is a family affair. Guitarists Elysa and Jason Hochman, and sons Joseph (12 years old) and Noah (10 years old), play Spanish, Classical, Flamenco, and Acoustic styles. They have been posting daily on Instagram since March 21, 2020, tracking their progress during the pandemic. Since then, the Quarantined Quartet has gained almost 500,000 followers worldwide on Instagram and Facebook. Their inspirational story and talents have been featured on Good Morning America, the Kelly Clarkson Show, and many more media outlets.

Elysa and Jason are also the founders of the New York Guitar Academy and have so far released two books which feature original songs and etudes for classical and flamenco guitar students.

Originally from Brooklyn, Jason is an Argentine-American and Elysa has a Mediterranean background. They have learned from renowned guitarists all over the world and hold a Graduate Degree in Music and Music Education from Columbia University Teachers College. 


Elysa Hochman – guitar 

Jason Hochman – guitar 

Joseph Hochman – guitar 

Noah Hochman – guitar 


More Concerts to be announced

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